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About Us

About Us

Boland Risk Solutions is a provider of risk management services and solutions for organizations throughout South-Africa. We assist companies and individuals in assessing, minimizing and mitigating risk. Our service offering encompasses consulting, risk management and physical security services.

Confidentiality - Commitment - Integrity

Regardless of the type and duration of services; we will respect and honour the confidentiality agreement, we will produce what was agreed, we will offer sound, honest and professional advice.

Boland Risk Solutions

Boland Risk Solutions


Boland Risk Solutions was established in 2015 with the aim of providing effective security solutions to producers in rural areas and specialised CPO services across the Western Cape. Since established, the growing need for effective professional services allowed Boland Risk Solutions to adapt and expand its services and solutions around their clients needs.


Boland Risk Solutions' main mission is to create and maintain a safe environment for our clients and their workforce within which they can perform professional activities efficiently and with total peace of mind, free of threat, embarrassment or harassment.


Boland Risk Solutions' vision is to become the industry leader in integrated innovative security solutions. Providing our clients with effective and professional services to create a safe enviroment to work and live in.

Core Values

Boland Risk solutions has strong core values we abide by:

Integrity - Being honest with yourself and your clients, integrity is not negotiable.

Accountability and Trust - Accepting responsibility for our actions and meet professional expectations. We value the trust, respect and support of our clients and communities. Trust must be earned and maintained

Lawfulness - Obeying the law at all times wherever we are serving.

Respect for Others - Treat others as you expect to be treated. Part of trust and is essential in our societies.